MREC Ranch Pub & Grill

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Hours of operation

Now OPEN!!

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**Please note new business hours change; closed on Mondays and open Tuesdays**
Taco buffet is back!! $11.99 All you can eat starting TUESDAY March 22
Mondays: CLOSED
Tuesday: $11.99 Taco Tuesday, all you can eat taco buffet
Wednesday: Burger Wednesday $8.99
Thursday: Steak Sandwich, Caesar Salad & Onion Rings $17.99
Friday/ Saturday: Chicken Schnitzel or Peppercorn Steak with sides $18.99

Monday Closed
Tuesday 5-8 kitchen 5-8
Wednesday 5-8  kitchen 5-8
Thursday 5-8 kitchen 5-8
Friday 11 -7 kitchen open @11:30
Saturday open 11-8  kitchen open @11:30
Sunday open 11-7  kitchen open @11:30

Book your fundraiser/ wedding/ work function, etc

Please call Jack @ 604-467-5616

Rates available on request